With our services related to 3D object modeling, production of plans for manufacturing and project management, we participate in the materialization of your ideas

3D Design

Do you have an idea, a draft or do you have a DIY that you want to develop into a product?

We bring you solutions for the realization of your 3D models.

3D Print

Would you like to be able to touch and show a first aspect of your concept?

3D printing machine, printing objects with dimensions up to 400 x 400 x 500m


Manufacturing plans

Do you want to have your concept built by craftsmen or manufacturers?

PDF plans and other formats with quotation and indication on your 3D model.


Would you like to personalize with a signature, or even decorate your creations?

Laser machine with a table top of 490 x 390 mm


3D scanner

Do you want to clone or use a shape that you think is important in your project?

With a 3D relief and color scanner you can digitize shapes of all kinds.